How to fix a slow laptop easily

In addition to mobile phones, in this digital age laptops are also objects that fall into the primary needs. Because the laptop is classified as more practical than a computer to do something.

Laptop functions that exceed mobile phones are usually used to do things that can't be done on cellphones such as editing videos for a long duration, or writing long articles.

Although more practical than a computer, a laptop can also be slow. For those of you who are also actively using a laptop,finding a laptop that suddenly becomes slow must be upset. Various methods were carried out so that the cause of the slow laptop, could be overcome immediately.

If your laptop is already slow, take it easy, there are several ways to overcome the slow laptop that is very disruptive to this activity. Here are some ways you can do to overcome slow laptops:

1. Uninstall Application

If you have a lot of applications on your laptop, start to reduce applications that you don't use. The number of applications on the laptop will make the storage capacity in Drive C will be full and make the system will be a long time to read the hard disk.

Begin to select which applications are rarely used. After that you can uninstall these applications to reduce slow. You simply use the application as needed, because an application which is not used will fill the laptop and make the laptop's performance decrease.

2. Use the application that according to the specifications of your laptop

Know about the specifications of your laptop. This is useful for pairing applications that according to the laptop's processor and RAM specifications. If it is too forced to install the application, even though the laptop is not able to accommodate, then just get ready the your laptop will becomes slow.

3. Clean the Desktop 

Placing many applications on the desktop is also one of the causes of slow laptops in responding to commands from users. Also make sure to keep an eye on applications that are running when the laptop is in a activity.

Try not to run too many applications, because this will be the cause of slow laptop. Because the application is working in background, which quietly eats up RAM capacity.

4. Add RAM Capacity

How to fix other slow laptops is in a way the addition of RAM. But don't just add RAM capacity, pay attention to RAM specifications (DDR3 RAM, or DDR3L RAM, and DDR4 RAM) and also the maximum RAM capacity that can be applied to laptops.

5. Use a Cooling Pad

Cooling pad is useful to maintain the temperature of the laptop so it is not too hot. Because if the laptop is too hot, it will make the laptop slow.

6. Reset Windows 

The age of an old laptop not only affects hardware performance, but also software. Therefore, you need to reset or reinstall the software used. In addition you can also replace the previous software, to improve the performance of laptop devices.

7. Replace HDD Storage with SSD

HDD hard drives have relatively slow data rates. To overcome this, you should replace it with SSD storage.

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