How to save money that you can do

Today's technological sophistication is often an alternative medium for business people to market their products.

They are also not desperate to try to get closer to potential customers by having a variety of social media accounts that are now the center of attention among young people. This certainly makes it easier for both parties, both from sellers and potential customers.

It is easier for product owners to offer their products along with detailed information about the product, how to order, and how to pay using the interbank transfer method. Consumers receive information in a way that is easier and more flexible because they do not need to visit conventional stores so they can save more time and money.

Convenience like this does not mean entirely good and are mutually beneficial both producers or product owners with potential customers. From the consumer side, the inability to control oneself when wanting an item that is not actually become a need.

To avoid incidents like this, the most appropriate answer is self-control. This self-control is not only a matter of how to regulate the appetite of the eye, but also regulates the future with various activities that are actually very important and crucial.

It's important to have frugality as a form of self-control. Besides frugality also has other benefits for yourself such as having a reserve fund to build a career future, entrepreneurial capital, as a pension fund, and not have to rely on health insurance.

Given the importance of frugality as a form of self-control, here are ways to live frugally that can be done.

 1. Priority: Needs and desires

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce your expenses. Schedule shopping with a list that you will definitely use every month. Do not put items things that are desirable in the priority list. Remember, you can live without having to watch a movie in the cinema once a month, but you cannot live by eating only once a month, drinking once a month, washing clothes once a month. Obviously the difference between needs and desires which are only temporary satisfaction.

2. Expenditures and Revenues

Feel your expenses are not much? If so it is clear you are not allowed to arbitrarily squander money for the sake of interests that are a desire, not a necessity. Try you do not need to be in debt to meet the needs that every time affect your survival. Viewed from the psychological side, the habit of debt is also not good because it causes feelings of uneasy, always anxious.

3. Maintaining Health

One way to live frugally is to always maintain health. Then, what does health have to do with a frugal lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle will minimize your exposure to diseases that require the help of a doctor to deal with them. Obviously when you use the services of a doctor you will need a relatively small amount of expenditure. This will affect the amount of your expenses that could be higher than your income each month. When this becomes a habit, in the end you will always feel inadequate to meet things that are indeed a need.

4. Wise shopping

You need to realize if you prefer shopping at supermarkets that are known for being clean and cool, they also use marketing services that can always invite you to enter and shop at their stores with certain techniques. When you have entered the store, your tendency to buy goods that are not needed is getting higher. The thing to realize on the other hand is that by selling services, they charge a higher price for an item that you can actually get cheaper elsewhere, for example in the market.

5. Discipline in Saving

Discipline habits in saving are attitudes that are mandatory in realizing a frugal lifestyle. You may have a desire to be financially secure when you retire from your current job, but you are not disciplined to set aside a portion of income for a period that you set yourself. Obviously the possibility of your financial security in old age is more vulnerable.

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